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About Rose & Balm

My name is Sarah Flower and I am a qualified Medical Herbalist with an Honours degree in Herbal Medicine.  I studied to obtain my degree at Middlesex University and qualified in 2003.  I am also a partner at Brighton Apothecary located in The Open Market in Brighton; you can see what we do here.

As a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), the largest professional body of practicing Western Medical Herbalists in the UK, I have the letters MNIMH after my name.  Membership of NIMH is only allowed after training on an accredited course and shows that all members are appropriately qualified to practice.  To find out more about the NIMH please take a look here.

I am passionate about herbal medicine and I believe it has much to offer in the modern world. As one of the oldest forms of medicine it truly has stood the test of time. Plants are natural, sustainable and accessible. Herbal medicine offers us choice and control over our healthcare. We can all learn about the benefits of plants and how to make simple but effective remedies for ourselves.

As part of membership to NIMH I undertake continuing professional development to ensure that my knowledge is kept up to date and continues to grow. Like all NIMH members I adheres to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct.

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Passionate about Plants

I take care to source the highest quality natural ingredients from suppliers who care about our world. Many of the products are organic and I strive to minimise the environmental impact. Ethics are important to me and all of the products are suitable for vegetarians.

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