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The Consultation

Herbal Medicine consultations based in Brighton and Hove.

All consultations are done online via zoom at the moment due to coronavirus.  The first consultation takes an hour and involves taking an in depth look at your overall health.  Subsequent (repeat) consultations last 30 minutes.  After the first consultation I usually see you after 2 weeks and thereafter every 4 weeks.

We work on your health together and use herbal remedies with dietary and lifestyle changes as part of your wellbeing plan.  Herbal remedies are charged in addition to the consultation fee.

The total duration of treatment can vary.  I usually see people for a minimum of 3 months and often see people for 6 months.  Sometimes, for more chronic problems, ongoing herbal support can be useful.  If you need your herbal remedy for a longer time you can simply purchase this on a ongoing basis and, if needed, we can have a consultation as and when required.

For very simple minor self-limiting illness such as colds and flu you can book a simple 15 minute mini consultation.  To book your consultation or discovery chat please get in touch here.




First consultation (1 hour)            £60

Repeat consultation (1/2 hour)    £30

Mini consultation (20 minutes)   £20

Herbal tincture per week*           £8.50

Postage & Packaging                   £5.50

Please note some herbs incur additional charges (buchu and goldenseal).

Minimum order for tincture is 200mls

Repeat orders below 400ml incur £6 dispensing fee

Teas, capsules and creams are charged in addition if needed.

*Contains alcohol.  Alternatives are available.

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07949 911199



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