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Helping women relieve stress, improve sleep and balance hormones to improve their energy and wellbeing naturally

Improve Wellbeing Naturally

Stress and overwhelm can affect your sleep and leave you feeling tired through the day unable to perform or feel your best.  Constant fatigue can seriously impact on your quality of life.  Hormonal issues, such as menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), can affect your mood, energy and overall wellbeing.

My name is Sarah Flower and I am a Medical Herbalist.  I offer one-to-one herbal consultations and make bespoke herbal remedies to gently support women to improve their energy and mood.  I help ladies who are experiencing stress and stress-related health complaints, insomnia, fatigue and/or hormonal problems.

During treatment we also look at dietary and lifestyle changes that can help maintain positive change in the long term.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call for us to discuss how herbal medicine can support you here.

To find out more about the herbal consultation please take a look here

Currently all consultations are offered online using zoom.

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Herbal Consultation

Book an in depth face to face online consultation for a personalised health support plan.  I offer a free 15 minute call so you find out more about what herbal medicine and it may help you.  

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Browse articles for health tips and advice.  Find advice on herbal remedies, lifestyle, and nutrition to help you improve your health and wellbeing.  Articles can be found here. 

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